Mechanic Mindset Update 21st July 2022

Posted On Jun 21, 2022 |

Latest updates from Mechanic Mindset including Academy progress, and upcoming membership and oscilloscope lessons.

Here are the latest updates from Mechanic Mindset...

> The Mechanic Mindset Academy

A few weeks back I got the keys to our very own premises; A secluded, quiet workshop located off the Fosse Way in England (an old Roman Road, it's mega straight for miles!)

It needs some work, and this weekend I have been painting the floor (well, half of it). Next up is to get the walls sorted so we have a nice workshop studio to film our lessons & YouTube videos and host live sessions with a car in the room. Maybe even some small groups for face to face training...

You won't recognise this space when I'm done with it!

> Membership Updates

As you know, I have big plans for the Membership; thanks for being a part of it at this early stage of growth!

In the next week I hope to upload new lessons:

  • A few FIXDIT Diagnosis Process case studies (short videos on some things I have learnt)
  • Sensor fault examples (putting in to practice the theory we covered on a car)
  • Control unit live and ground volt drop (seeing what we get on an active system)
  • Started building the CAN Bus & Networks training (I will post lessons as they come)
  • Another surprise which I will share this week...

There's still time to join the Membership if you haven't already, just click here...

> Oscilloscope Diag' Full Package Updates

The full oscilloscope training package has grown to quite the learning tool since we launched 'Pico for Automotive' in October 2021, but I still have a lot more to add!

In the next couple of months, I want to get the In Cylinder Pressure, and Pressure Pulse Diagnostics sections added. I also have a few other new tools which need to be included.

I am planning to create the follow up to the PWM section we launched a few weeks back; next I will add some live PWM testing with Math channels and measurements, plus look at some PWM components on the vehicle. I'd also like to point out what is and what isn't PWM, as it can get confusing with all these square wave signals!

DITEX have sent me their 4 channel scope, so once I get to grips with that, I will add a short course for this tool.

If you want to access the Oscilloscope Full Package, and take your scope diag to the next level, you can join here...

> The Mechanic Mindset Offer

As we now have a few ways to join Mechanic Mindset, I have made these to show the difference between the Membership and the Oscilloscope Diagnostics Full Package; if you have joined both already (many have), you will probably already be aware...

And the relationship between the two...

>>> FINALLY, make sure you have registered for the next Live Session on Sunday 26th June where we welcome long time MM member Vinnie, Aston Martin Global Field Engineer; it's gonna be awesome! Recording will be posted after if you cant make it.

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