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Posted On Jun 21, 2022 |

Latest lesson updates available in the Mechanic Mindset Membership and Oscilloscope Diagnostics Training Full Package...

Mechanic Mindset Membership - Lesson Updates

Sensor Diagnostics:

In the latest sensor diagnostics lesson we continue the learning on a live vehicle.

We identify sensor signal line, induce an open circuit while monitoring voltage and fault codes.

We also look at the difference between a 5V reference and ground reference signal line.

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Automotive Oscilloscope Training Full Package - Lesson Updates

To continue the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) lessons, we look at how to test PWM with an oscilloscope, utilising all the features like measurements and math channels. 

We then look at putting it in to practice on a live vehicle, comparing the measurement to scan tool live data on diesel fuel pressure control system.

Plus PicoScope waveform downloads to practice on your own!

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