ThinkTool Master 2 (Euro Master) Review

Posted On Jun 21, 2022 |

We were sent the new ThinkTool Master 2 also know as the Euro Master to review, and see how it performs as a professional diagnostics scan tool.

The ThinkCar ThinkTool Master 2 (also known as the ThinkTool Euro Master or Think Tool S10) is one of the latest bi-directional scan tools from ThinkCar.

In out latest YouTube video, we take a look at the new ThinkTool Euro Master (aka Master 2).

This obd diagnostic scan tool has an amazing feature set, close to the Autel MS919 MaxiSYS (which costs £4000!)...

Special thanks to Impact Diagnostics (UK) for supplying the tool. You can find out more by clicking here.

Click the image below or this link to watch the video

In the video we explore all the (well most of) the features you would expect to use on a daily basis.

In the box you get extra LAN or Ethernet cables to support diagnostics on F-Chassis BMWs.

Box contents of the ThinkTool Euro Master 2
ThinkCar ThinkTool Master 2 Box Contents

One of the greatest features available on the ThinkTool Master 2 is the Topology view which shows you the control modules in a network tree arrangement. This is something I have been used to working with for many years with main dealer tools and it's great to see it on a more affordable unit.

Topology view during obd fault code scan with ThinkTool Euro Master 2
Control unit Topology View

Topology view has worked on all the vehicles I tested it on: 2018 VW Passat, 2012 BMW 320d, 2007 Mini R56, 2011 Suzuki Swift.

Just be careful, as the topology view isn't always an exact representation of the actual CAN Bus network layout.

The modules are colour coded as the global scan is completed showing you modules that have fault codes (in red) and control units that don't respond (in grey).

The diagnostic fault code reading abilities are what you would expect from a tool that costs £1700 +Tax, and the way they are presented works well.

ThinkTool Master 2 fault code results
Fault code list

The Live Data list is dependant on vehicle, you may already be used to the inconsistent lists of data between vehicles; however this is largely down to the manufacturer, not the scan tool.

Generally, we see the same live data PIDs (or DIDs) as the dealer diagnostic equipment.

Mechanic Mindset sensor testing diagnostics training
Screen shot from Mechanic Mindset Sensor Diagnostics Lesson

Check out the latest training app available at Mechanic Mindset for just $10 per month. We have just released a new lesson on sensor fault code diagnosis looking at pull up and pull down reference voltage.

We can display all the data as a graph, and also combine up to 4 bits of data on the same screen.

The ThinkTool Master 2 can combine up to 4 live data in graph mode
Live Data Graph Mode

The ThinkCar ThinkTool Master 2 also has a great live data recording feature. When you play the recorded data back, you can switch between normal and graph mode, and select with PIDs you want to see.

You may often hear the term 'PID' or 'DID' used for live data:

  • PID (Parameter Identifier)
  • DID (Data Identifier)
Checking the live data verses the PicoScope PWM waveform
Lesson screen shot from the Mechanic Mindset Oscilloscope Diagnostics Full Package Training

We used the ThinkCar ThinkTool Master 2 in our latest oscilloscope lesson where we compared the live data to the oscilloscope waveform.

The bi-directional support (so component activation) is also quite good on the ThinkTool Master 2, however you will notice varying support between vehicles. For example, the 2012 BWM 320d has quite a small list of component activations in the engine ECU, however there are a lot of functions in the Special Function area (carried over from dealer tool).

Then again, I have seen the tool provide more support for equivalent petrol engine BMWs.

The ThinkTool Euro Master 2 has 35 service functions
Service Functions

We have 35 special service functions on the ThinkTool Master 2, and when you open each application you are reminded which brands are supported.

There are more dealer level service functions once you enter via the Intelligent Diagnostics option.

The ThinkTool Master 2 can program second hand used modules on VW, Volkswagen and Audi vehicles
Programming Feature

The ThinkTool Master 2 (Euro Master) also supports module programming for participating brands. This is a great move for the price point of the tool. It is possible to program modules individually, and also program second hand modules! Both of which are not always possible on dealer tools...

The programming feature supports programming used second hand modules on BMW vehicles
Programming In Progress

ThinkCar ThinkTool Master 2 also has options for ADAS calibration; you will need the correct special tools and training to perform most calibrations. Some vehicles calibrate on the road (Jaguar and Land Rover models), so no special tools needed. Just hit recalibrate and take the vehicle on the recommended drive cycle.

ThinkCar ThinkTool on the bonnet of a Ford Fiesta

We didn't really scratch the surface of all the features on the the ThinkTool Master 2, however I will be using the tool regularly in Mechanic Mindset to give you a better idea how it performs all the different functions. We'll report back soon!

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