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Quan Aldridge

Very nice introduction

Easy to understand and engaging

2 weeks ago
Charles Sheridan

Just what I needed thanks

Just what I needed thanks

2 months ago
Kiennguyen Kiennguyen



5 months ago
Pawel Szymanski

Just what I needed!

After going through the free samplers I am no more than everdetermined to get to the bottom of the issue that has been bothering me fo some time now. My clasic E30 with an angine swaped has never run as she should, and not be able to connect to ECU via obd was only try and error game. I am really looking forward to getting to learn how to use scope to determine and diagnose faults. Thank you.

7 months ago
Ali Alabri

the right troubleshooting way

best and easiest explanation I've heard Thanks a lot

8 months ago
Tony Lin


A very good way to explain how a circuit diagnostic !!!

9 months ago
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