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Introduction to PicoScope 7

PicoScope 6 is on its way out! Quickly Get Up To Speed With PicoScope 7 - For All PicoScope Users: 2204A to 4425A...


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Kevin Walker

Great training.

Ive had my scope for over a year. Only scratched the surface of its uses and power. This course has taught me more in a few weeks, than i figured out the entire time i had the scope. Appreciate your efforts Darren. I wont hold your Britishness against you.

5 months ago
Robert Lee


Thank you Darren ,, great tutorial for experienced and novice alike

6 months ago
Rick Sheppard

Bang on

I like how it's structured into small segments Darren you've created something good here and most will admit it's a good investment from my point of view that it is.

6 months ago
Daniel James

Glad to be here

Excellent training especially for guys like myself who are now learning about scoping like myself

7 months ago
Paddy Keenan

Greate Lessons...

I am learning so much right now...

7 months ago
Spiro Kattan

Intro to PS7

Great set of tutorials on Intro to PS7. Can't wait to see more! Nice job Darren!

7 months ago


About Darren

I started my journey as a BMW Apprentice technician, and after 10 years on the shop floor I got in to training. At VWG UK I worked up to leading the Audi Master Technician program, and helped to build the Global training program at Jaguar Land Rover.

In these roles I realised just how much we take basic diagnostic fundamentals for granted!

I would reflect back to my time in the workshop, and how hard I found some of the diagnostic jobs I completed; resorting to guess work and 'Swap-anostics'.

In 2020 Mechanic Mindset was born, and I made it my mission to make the most complex automotive diagnostic subjects EASY to understand, so technicians across the world can be confident in their diagnosis decisions.