PicoScope For Automotive (OFP)

For ALL PicoScope users: Supercharge your PicoScope Automotive Diagnostics!

Lifetime PicoScope For Automotive Training

2204A or 4425A, Supercharge your PicoScope automotive diagnostics!

PicoScope is one of the most popular oscilloscopes available. However, most people are not using the PicoScope software to its full potential! There is so much power locked away in unknown features.

In this PicoScope training, we cover EVERYTHING, from the absolute basics, all the way to the most advanced features including trigger, math channels, masks and alarms.

More importantly, we look at how to apply all the PicoScope features to automotive diagnostics.

It doesn't matter which PicoScope oscilloscope you have; this course applies to all of them. We complete most of the course with the PicoScope 6 software and there are PicoScope 7 lessons too.

The PicoScope 7 software is still in development, but as a BONUS we will add our Intro To PicoScope 7 training too! Everything you learn applies to both versions of PicoScope.

The courses includes practical activities you can complete at your laptop; no scope needed!

We will continue to update the training so there will always be something new to learn!
What's Included?

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access & FREE Updates
  • PicoScope For Automotive Training
  • Oscilloscope Diagnostics Training
  • Intro To PicoScope 7 Training
  • Live Oscilloscope Training
  • Mechanic Mindset Community Access
  • Completion Certificates

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence. If you buy this course and it's not right for you, we will offer a 100% refund with in 30 days of your purchase.

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Leonardo Salcedo

Best Oscilloscope and automotive training course !!!

Very well explained course, 100% recommended

2 months ago
Richard McWhirter

1st class

As a new comer to pico this coarse is invaluable,Darren has put unbelievable work into this project and continues to do so answering any queries we have along the way,can't fault this in any way

7 months ago
Gerhard Sand


The instructor Darren was kind enough to answer all the relevant questions regarding the course. He even took the liberty of adding subtitles in various languages. The course material was wonderfully structured with clear, easily comprehensible English instructions. In my opinion the course is more than suitable for beginners as well as advanced technicians. Gerhard

8 months ago
Carl Sutton

1st Class

Very well put together and presented in a format that makes understanding the subject very easy THANK YOU Darren

8 months ago
Luther lewis

i am enjoying every lesson. Thanks tor taking the time.

I am 71 yrs old .I stall enjoy learning. Again thanks taking the time. Still working on cars an loving it

9 months ago
Eugene Doherty

Mechanic mindset.

Hi Darren. like the way the course is structured,very easy to navigate .Highly recommended.Looking forward to more training.

9 months ago
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About Darren

I started my journey as a BMW Apprentice technician, and after 10 years on the shop floor I got in to training. I worked up to leading the Audi UK Master Technician program, and it was there I realised just how much we take basic diagnostic fundamentals for granted!

I would reflect back to my time in the workshop, and how hard I found some of the diagnostic jobs I completed; resorting to guess work and 'Swap-anostics'.

In 2020 Mechanic Mindset was born, and I made it my mission to make the most complex automotive diagnostic subjects EASY to understand, so technicians across the world can be confident in their diagnosis decisions.