Automotive Oscilloscope Training - Full Package

FULL PACKAGE: Access All Oscilloscope AND PicoScope Courses for Life

Lifetime Access Oscilloscope Training

For All Oscilloscope Users

The oscilloscope is probably the most powerful automotive diagnostic equipment available..... if you know how to use it!

We often take the 'Scope & Hope' approach; connect up and hope we see a problem. This package will give you the skills and knowledge to 'Scope and Cope' with any oscilloscope challenge.

The 'Automotive Oscilloscope Diagnostics' training covers all the features and functions of the oscilloscope, waveform analysis and how you can apply it to fault finding.  

Also included is access to the top rated 'PicoScope For Automotive' training, where we learn how to use the software to diagnose those hard to find faults.

The courses include practical activities you can complete at your laptop; no scope needed!

This course is suitable for beginners and experience technicians looking to improve their diagnostics skills. The content is delivered in an easy to understand way.

As an extra BONUS we also offering life time access to Mechanic Mindset Live; live classes with Darren and special guests!

We will continue to update the training so there will always be something new to learn!
What's Included?

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access & FREE Updates
  • Oscilloscope Diagnostics Training
  • PicoScope For Automotive Training
  • Intro To PicoScope 7 Training
  • Mechanic Mindset Community Access
  • BONUS 'Oscilloscopes Live' 
  • Completion Certificates
Or 8 Weekly Payments of $37.38

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence. If you buy this course and it's not right for you, we will offer a 100% refund with in 30 days of your purchase.
"I use all your training as a field manual. Thanks to your training material and the input from the community undertaking your courses. Thank you and keep up the good work"
"I pulled out my scope yesterday to help my son with his truck.  It had been a while since I'd used my scope.  Ran into a few questions so right back to Darren's courses I went.  What a valuable resource!"
"Darren doesn't skim through anything, he takes you step by step through all the processes of learning to use your scope. "

About Darren

I started my journey as a BMW Apprentice technician, and after 10 years on the shop floor I got in to training. I worked up to leading the Audi UK Master Technician program, and it was there I realised just how much we take basic diagnostic fundamentals for granted!

I would reflect back to my time in the workshop, and how hard I found some of the diagnostic jobs I completed; resorting to guess work and 'Swap-anostics'.

In 2020 Mechanic Mindset was born, and I made it my mission to make the most complex automotive diagnostic subjects EASY to understand, so technicians across the world can be confident in their diagnosis decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, all of the activities are completed using the PicoScope Automotive demo mode and saved waveforms supplied in the course.

 To get the most out of the learning, it would be best if you practice on real cars with your oscilloscope.

Yes, we have just added the 'Introduction To PicoScope 7' training course to the package. We also use Pico 7 in the 'Automotive Oscilloscope Diagnostics' course.

Once the software is finished, we will update the PicoScope For Automotive training; everything you learn there can already be applied in PicoScope 7.

No, this course applies to ALL oscilloscopes!

The PicoScope For Automotive training applies to the PicoScope software, all other courses can be applied to any oscilloscope.

Yes! This course starts from the basics, building on them so we can use the most advanced features of the PicoScope software.  

To help accelerate your learning, complete all the activities and ensure you practice using your oscilloscope too! Also ask questions in the discussion pods for support.

You will have access to this course forever. Access the training when ever you need it most and complete it in your own time. I want to ensure that you get the best possible training to help make PicoScope easy. For this reason I will continually keep the course updated based on your feedback. This can also be used for reference during your scope diagnostics; just look for the feature you want to perform and the short videos will help guide you to success!

Just In Time learning is training you can access when you need it most. We all Goolgle how to do different tasks, but the problem with this is that the information is not always reliable.

With our training, you can be sure to access the information you need, exactly when you need it.

The course will work on smart phones and tablets. For the best experience, use a laptop with PicoScope installed so you can complete the activities and practice the new skills!

You can access all the lessons using the smart phone web browser.

Yes, the course is web based so an internet connection is required.