YouTube Files & Waveform Library

A place for you to find all the files we use and save in the Mechanic Mindset YouTube videos.

We save all our PicoScope waveform files (and more) from the Mechanic Mindset YouTube channel and you can access them for free.

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Karlo Mandić


Great advices

7 months ago
Geoff Protheroe


Well presented, very detailed and thorough and I would highly recommend any newbie or young person considering going into the motor industry sign up for these courses. You can look at each video and then go back if you did not fully grasp each video. For £10 per month this is invaluable knowledge and could cost you thousands of £ or $ and you can do all this in your own at your pace and time when you are at home etc. Highly recommended. I personally, having completed Level EV 3 certification and moving on to Level 4 next month am looking forward to Darren updating his EV courses. TTFN

7 months ago
Terrence MacCabe


Exceptional presentation with great experiments to show faults as well as good signals, very well done and good to see that an entry level DSO can do the job as well. 10/10 from me.

1 year ago
Robert griffin

Yet another Awesome course !!

These videos and waveforms will come in handy , especially when we need to reference certain testing and waveforms , hopefully the community can add to this waveform library too , thanks Darren your a topman

1 year ago