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The Diagnostic Coach program is for those who want to take theor diagnosis skills to the next level. We look at different skills, systems and tools, focussing on various elements of electrical diagnostics - plus some oscilloscope diagnostics where applicable. (monthly or annual subscription, new lessons every month)

If you have solid diagnostics skills and only want to learn oscilloscope diagnostics, the Automotive Oscilloscope Masters course is for you. We will take you from the very basics up to the most 'advanced' scope tests. You can apply these lessons to any oscilloscope; whether you have a PicoScope, Autel or Hantek. (one time payment, life time access, free updates and access to any new oscilloscope course we publish)

Yes! This course starts from the basics, building on them so we can use the most advanced features of the PicoScope software.  

To help accelerate your learning, complete all the activities and ensure you practice using your oscilloscope too! Also ask questions in the discussion pods for support.

If you purchased Automotive Oscilloscope Masters, you will have access to the course forever. Access the training when ever you need it most and complete it in your own time. I want to ensure that you get the best possible training to help make Oscilloscopes & PicoScope easy. For this reason I will continually keep the course updated based on your feedback. This can also be used for reference during your scope diagnostics; just look for the feature you want to perform and the short videos will help guide you to success! If anything were to happen to Mechanic Mindset, we would work out a method to ensure continued access.

The course will work on smart phones and tablets; you can also access via the App. For the best experience, use a laptop with PicoScope installed so you can complete the activities and practice the new skills! (PicoScope Oscilloscope not required).

You can access all the lessons using the App or smart phone web browser We will send instructions on how to access the app after enrolling.

Yes, the course is web based so an internet connection is required. 

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