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Darren Quinn | Jun 21, 2022

We were sent the new ThinkTool Master 2 also know as the Euro Master to review, and see how it performs as a professional diagnostics scan ...

Darren Quinn | Jun 21, 2022

Latest lesson updates available in the Mechanic Mindset Membership and Oscilloscope Diagnostics Training Full Package...

Darren Quinn | Jun 21, 2022

Latest updates from Mechanic Mindset including Academy progress, and upcoming membership and oscilloscope lessons.

Darren Quinn | Aug 15, 2021

These 5 diagnostic tips will quickly help you identify if you have a CAN Bus network fault.

Darren Quinn | Jun 20, 2021

The PicoScope 2204A is a really cheap oscilloscope, but can it be used for automotive applications in place of the more expensive PicoScope ...