August Summer Update

Posted On Aug 14, 2022 |

An update on the exciting new features and updates from Mechanic Mindset

A few site updates and next live session details...

Read the full post, to make sure you don't miss anything - LOTS happening!

New Membership Course Added!

CAN Bus and Network course is now live, we have just uploaded the first 8 lessons for this popular topic.

We will continue to update and add to this course.

*Translations and Subtitles are in progress - loaded soon!

Live Data Known Good (Membership)

As part of the Membership, we have started a library of known good live data.

We take a video of the scan tool data at operating temperature, engine idle and 2500rpm.

There are 4 vehicles in the library now, we will continue to add to this as we come across new vehicles.

Happy to take Member submissions also!

August Live Session

Thanks for your patience on the next live session; July has been a busy one!

Now you can see Live sessions in your Local Time - New Calendar Feature on the Live session page

I have planned the next Live for Sunday 28th August 7pm UK - going to do an Oscilloscope Case Study.

Not sure which one we'll do yet but got a couple of good ones!

Mechanic Mindset Academy

It's looking good guys! Can't wait to get the lessons flowing in our new workshop.

Website Updates

We have been working on making the home page for logged in users a practical place to be.

The first addition to this is a 'Latest Updates' section where you can see and access all the new content we release.

We have also added the calendar feature to the Live Sessions course so you can easily see the next Live session in your local time.


After searching around for a reliable wiring diagram solution, we decided to give ALLDATA a try.

This is because of the access to Dealer/Manufacturer wiring diagrams.

I'm enjoying the service so far; great support for European brands...

We pay for our subscription, but do get referrals for UK sales.

If any North America members join, just let them know where you found ALLDATA, thanks!

Find out more here and sign up for a free trial.

*ALLDATA is only available in certain regions - please contact them directly for questions.

I hope you all have a great summer, hope to see you on the 28th!


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