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A Unique Learning Experience

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Our popular days are:
🩺 Diagnostic Day
📈 PicoScope Oscilloscope Training
💻 CAN Bus & Network Diagnositcs

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Nev'll Fix It Diag Day
Nev'll Fix It Team Daignostic Day

Nev'll Fix It Training Day

Nev met me at a trade show and we got talking about a training day for his team.

We set up a weekend Diagnostic Day for his team.

The great thing about the day was that we were able to cover multiple topics to suit what the guys needed to know; we built the day as we went along.

Read what Nev and his team though about the day...

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Pete's One-to-One Diag Day

Pete recently went self employed with his business PRS Auto Services.

Pete visited Mechanic Mindset in Leamington Spa to brush up on some diagnostic skills.

As he is already very experienced, we could quickly work out what he knew, so we could focus on exploring new diagnostic scenarios.

We had fun shorting out sensor lines and adding resistance to see what happened.

Can't wait until Pete visits us next time!
Stobbart Collins Team PicoScope Day

Stobbart & Collins PicoScope Day

Sean & Lee in Newcastle contacted me as they wanted to know more about how PicoScope could help them with Diagnostics.

The team already had experience perfroming basic tests, which allowed us to focus on more advanced testing.

They liked that we could focus on learning things that they were more likely to use.

We did some diesel and petrol engine diag testing plus some electrical diagnostics like battery drain assessment.

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Flexible Learning

With traditional training courses, order for the day is already set and there is little flexibility.

There is an assumption you already know certain systems and techniques.

As we know, all the topics cross over and you may often be left with unanswered questions.

We can cover all areas, based on what you already know and what you need to learn.

Maximum Learning Guaranteed

We have proved that it can be difficult to learn on training courses in large groups.

This is why we love one-to-one coaching and small team training days.

The learner gets maximum attention from the trainer, and all the hands on play you can handle.

It also means we can flex the content of the day, based on your needs.
Dean's One-to-One PicoScope Day

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About Darren

- Audi Accredited Technical Trainer
- Jaguar Land Rover Accredited Training Author
- TAP Certificate in Training Delivery & Facilitation Skills

I started my journey as a BMW Apprentice technician, and after 10 years on the shop floor I got in to training. I worked up to leading the Audi UK Master Technician program, and it was there I realised just how much we take basic diagnostic fundamentals for granted!

I would reflect back to my time in the workshop, and how difficult I found some of the diagnostic jobs I completed; resorting to guess work and 'Swap-anostics'.

In 2020 Mechanic Mindset was born, and I made it my mission to make the most complex automotive diagnostic subjects EASY to understand, so technicians across the world can be confident in their diagnosis decisions.